The Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work

Once considered a rarity at best, more workplaces are welcoming pets inside their doors. While businesses often worry that employees’ animal friends will cause a distraction, many discover that there is actually a range of benefits associated with the practice of being a pet-friendly workplace. If you aren’t familiar with the improvements associated with pets in the workplace, here’s what you need to know.

Pets Relieve Stress

Being allowed to have their pets join them during the workday can actually do wonders for your employees’ stress levels, allowing them to feel more relaxed as they handle their duties. Not only does it let them have a companion with them while they work, but it also ensures they aren’t worried about how their pet is doing at home, making the benefits two-fold.

Increased Positive Social Interactions

Nothing breaks the ice like a pet, so allowing them to come to the office can help your workers socialize in a more positive way. Not only that, but workplaces with pet-friendly policies often have happier employees thanks to the increased level of satisfaction, higher morale, and a heightened sense of teamwork or camaraderie.

Employees Save Money

Workers who have extended hours or long commutes often have to shell out extra dough for their pets, typically in the form of doggie daycares and dog-walking services. In pet-friendly workplaces, this financial burden is removed, as they have the option of bringing their animal companion with them, ensuring their pets don’t get lonely and that their basic needs are tended to in a timely manner.

Improved Company Image

Some companies are surprised to learn allowing your employees to bring their pets to work can actually improve customer perception of the business. Many people view the opportunity to interact with a worker’s animal companion as a positive experience, and they associate that feeling with the company.

Additionally, pets can soften an organization’s image, making the business seem more accessible and progressive at the same time.

Performance Boost

Many believe that pets would harm productivity but, often, the opposite is true. Generally, employees are open to working longer hours if their animal companion can be by their side, and even have fewer absences. Usually, this is due to the fact that the worker doesn’t have to worry about rushing home to take care of their pet, alleviating a common stress point associated with an extended workday.

Attract Top Talent

A pet-friendly workplace can be an enticing perk for skilled professionals who also happen to be pet owners, making the business seem like an ideal employer. As job seekers focus more on culture and work-life balance, this can be a boon for companies hoping to attract the best and brightest.

Ultimately, implementing a pet policy can bolster your recruitment efforts, making you an employer of choice to a broader selection of professionals.

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