How to Speed Up Your Hiring Process Without Compromising Quality

If you’re repeatedly losing out on top tech talent, the speed of your hiring process could be to blame. Competition for highly skilled IT workers is fierce, and many of those possessing today’s in-demand skills receive multiple offers in quick succession. When that happens, companies that are slow to extend an opportunity will miss out, as these professionals aren’t inclined to wait around to see if someone else is going to offer them a position.

Luckily, there are ways to speed up your hiring process without compromising quality. Here’s how to get started.

Make Communication a Priority

Regardless of the speed of your hiring process, it’s wise to keep top candidates informed of what is to come and approximately how long it will take. By providing them with a clear timeline, you help align their expectations with your actual process, alleviating many of the questions they may have regarding what is on the horizon.

Additionally, by keeping in contact, you can ensure any additional materials, like references, are received quickly. Essentially, the candidate becomes used to you remaining in touch, so they are more likely to notice when you send a message with a request.

Make Technology Work for You

There is a plethora of HR platforms and applications designed to make managing candidates easier, but you’ll only get the results you want if you streamline your approach. Often, this involves centralizing your efforts by eliminating redundant software and making the administrative side of the equation as easy as possible, such as by enabling a single login for multiple systems or functions.

It is also wise to examine the solutions you use today regularly, as new releases and products come out frequently. What was once the ideal system may not meet current standards, so don’t be afraid to give everything a once-over and make changes, as required.

Simplify the Application Process

Long, drawn-out applications aren’t going to make a positive impression on candidates and may lead some to abandon their application part-way through. For example, having to attach a resume and reenter the same data in fields is frustrating, creating a bad experience for job seekers.

Additionally, if your platform isn’t mobile friendly, you are going to lose applicants. Many professionals rely on their smartphones for their job search and having to deal with a desktop page on a small screen, or make time to handle an application on an actual computer, isn’t something many of them want to deal with.

Work with a Staffing Firm

Recruitment agencies have fine-tuned their hiring processes to make them convenient for job seekers, while ensuring companies get all the information they need to make wise choices. Plus, they have focused their services on hiring, so they aren’t as likely to be distracted by other responsibilities, as can easily happen to hiring managers.

If you want to speed up your hiring process without compromising quality, the professionals at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to learn more about our services today and see how our approach can benefit you.

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