IT Trends You Should Know About

Technology is rarely (if ever) stagnant, and new trends emerge on a frequent basis. As an IT professional, it pays to stay on top of any current trends that can help you shape your career for the better, whether you are just starting out in the field or are well down the path.

With that in mind, here are a few IT trends you should know about if you want to make sure your career is headed in the right direction.

Leadership Duties Are Increasing

IT professionals are being tasked with a wider range of duties, including those associated with leadership roles. Since tech is becoming a larger part of daily operations at nearly every business, professionals who have an understanding of these technologies are being asked to step up, doing anything from giving presentations to leading project teams.

Based on these changes, leadership and communication skills are becoming more important for IT workers, particularly for those who want to get ahead in their careers.

Soft Skills Are a Must

Aside from leadership traits and communication skills, companies are looking for IT candidates who are competent problem solvers, adaptable, and adept at time management. This means job seekers need to demonstrate their soft skills on their resumes and during interviews. Otherwise, they may be passed over, regardless of their level of technical prowess.

Analytics Certifications Are Hot

With companies gathering data from an ever-increasing number of sources, professionals who are equipped to turn the information into meaning revelations are in high demand. This has led to an increased interest in candidates who possess analytics certifications, often an indication that the person can derive value from complex data sets and use some of the latest technology.

Security Skills Are In

With new cybersecurity threats surfacing on a seemingly daily basis, more companies are putting an emphasis on security. Since IT plays a substantial role in securing systems, professionals with the appropriate skills are in-demand, even if they aren’t IT security specialists.

While positions in IT security are often plentiful, security is a factor in nearly any tech role, so professionals who add these skills to their repertoire can easily stand out from their peers who didn’t venture into the area, even if they aren’t looking to work in this specialty field.

Business Acumen

Another side effect of the increased use of technology throughout nearly any business is the desire to find IT professionals who have a suitable level of business acumen, particularly if it is focused on the industry in which the company works. Being knowledgeable about standard operations, marketing, and other business areas can make tech workers more effective, especially when working on projects that have a cross-departmental component or involve an end product for a specific workgroup.

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