Here Are the Best-Paying IT Jobs for Every Stage of Tech Careers

While there are many career path options in the IT field, some are more lucrative than others. Certain skill sets are seen as more valuable in today’s market, whether it’s due to a current shortage, high demand, or a combination of the two.

If you are interested in discovering which positions tend to have the highest paychecks, here is an overview of the best-paying IT jobs for every stage of tech careers.


Generally, a position is considered entry level if it requires less than five years of experience. However, as with most tech roles, either a college degree or specified training may be necessary to get started.

Right now, Computer and Information Research Scientists are a hot option in the entry-level segment, bringing with it a median salary of $98,200. These professionals can be present in nearly any industry, working to design and develop new solutions or find new potential in existing technologies. Generally, a bachelor’s degree is needed to qualify for these jobs.

Software architects are another great choice, achieving median salaries of $98,900. These positions call for a bachelor’s degree as well, though advanced degrees are sometimes requested, to ensure the person has the ability to design and develop any new software the company may require.


Mid-level IT jobs typically call for five to 10 years of experience, as well as a college degree or sufficient training. Surprisingly, software architects also fall into this category, as more experienced professionals can secure salaries just shy of $140,000, and principal software architects can earn over $144,000.

ASIC design engineers also command high salaries, coming in just short of $150,000. A bachelor’s degree is usually needed, as well as specific experience in ASIC, to ensure the circuits can be properly designed based on the company’s needs.

Though many may consider this role a senior-level position, chief architects of IT can also be regarded as mid-level due to the common experience requirements. However, the precise nature of the experience can vary from one company to the next, depending on the organization’s needs. Typically, people working as chief architects of IT can earn salaries over $166,000, making it a strong option for a career path.


Senior-level positions include upper-level specialists, as well as executive roles, so more than 10 years of experience is usually required, as well as relevant education. Vice presidents of IT software development can earn $169,600 and $172,800 respectively, though a senior software development director can see a salary of $184,100.

Chief information security officers generally make upwards of $188,000, though they are typically out-earned by vice presidents of e-commerce, who command salaries around $221,000.

Ultimately, there are a lot of IT career options that can bring in large compensation packages, though those listed above generally outpace their peers.

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