In a World of Automation, It’s Important to Keep Your IT Skills Relevant

While automation was once only a threat to people working in certain manual labor jobs, it is now making its way into nearly every field, including IT. As a tech professional, it’s imperative that you keep your skills relevant, especially as more companies begin to rely on options like artificial intelligence to complete tasks that were once in the hands of people.

If you ignore automation, it’s possible your level of job security will diminish quickly. If you want to avoid that scenario, here’s how to get started on keeping your skills relevant.

Changing Technologies Require New Specialists

Ultimately, automation represents new technologies, and those technologies have to be managed by skilled IT professionals. For example, AI isn’t something that operates without clear programming and direction, so workers with AI-oriented skills may find more opportunities as it becomes ingrained in the workplace.

By identifying emerging technologies that interest you, you can shift your career in those directions. This helps you stay relevant by focusing on the tech that would otherwise pose a risk to your job security, helping you bypass the threat.

Identify and Focus on Skill Gaps

Companies are struggling to find skilled professionals within specific specialties. For instance, there simply aren’t enough data scientists, software engineers, or augmented reality workers to go around. Additionally, skill gaps can exist on any team, regardless of the area of focus.

If you discover your employer or their competitors can’t find the competent professionals they need in a specific area, you can increase your job security by acquiring relevant in-demand skills.

It’s also wise to monitor trends and burgeoning technologies in the field, so you can anticipate the skill gaps of tomorrow. This gives you an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, learning the techniques and information that companies are likely to seek out in the near future.

Embrace Digital Learning

Continual education is often the key to staying relevant. Luckily, online learning opportunities are prevalent, especially in the IT realm.

If you can’t acquire any training through your employer, explore online educational options that can help you further your skills. Often, you can find self-paced courses that can easily fit into even the busiest schedules or intensive bootcamps for those who prefer a rapid-fire approach and a shorter timeframe to completion.

In the end, IT automation is likely going to increase for the foreseeable future, and some jobs may be at risk faster than you think. By redirecting your career into the proper specialties, acquiring in-demand skills, and furthering your education, you can make sure your skill set remains relevant over the long-term. That way, you will have a level of job security, even in changing times.

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