Tax Season is Over – Is It Time to Make the Move From Public Accounting to Corporate Accounting?

Now that tax season is in the proverbial rearview mirror; many public accountants begin to consider making a move, including finding a position in corporate accounting.

The seasonal nature of public accounting can make it less than ideal for some professionals, particularly when tax seasons lead to significant increases in workloads, which can be overwhelming in some cases. Corporate accounting tends to be steadier and may make it easier to maintain a favorable work-life balance.

If you are wondering whether it is time to make the move from public to corporate accounting, here’s what you need to know.

Opportunities at Every Level

You don’t need a specific minimum amount of experience to make the shift into corporate accounting. Generally, if you’ve spent several years with a public accounting firm, you have everything you need to switch to something of an equivalent level in the corporate arena.

Plus, you may have the opportunity to focus on a specific segment of accounting, such as auditing, allowing you to pursue an area you are passionate about while doing less of the things that don’t necessarily capture your interest.

You’re In Demand

Being a public accountant typically means you’ve had a wide range of experiences in the field. Generally, this works in your favor, particularly in the eyes of potential employers who need adaptable professionals.

The vast majority of your public accounting skills are highly transferable, so companies are almost always open to considering candidates who are looking to transition to corporate accounting.

Be Aware of Your Timing

While tax season is currently over, making it an ideal time to consider making a switch, you do need to be aware of your timing when it comes to finding a new position.

Generally, it’s considered uncouth to leave an employer during the height of tax season, even more so if your absence would put them in a bind. Ultimately, if you delay any change until after tax season is over, you’re more likely to maintain the respect of your current employer and may make a more positive impression on hiring managers.

Similarly, you may want to avoid interviewing during tax season, especially during business hours. When your workload is higher, any absence (even a short one) can have a significant impact on overall productivity, and may not be well-received by your manager. Additionally, a leave request might not be approved. Then, you have to make the tough choice of violating your supervisor’s wishes or bypassing on an interview, which may inconvenience the hiring manager.

Ultimately, the ideal time to find a new job is right after tax season ends. If you are seeking new accounting opportunities, the professionals at The Squires Group can connect you with the area’s leading employers. Contact us to speak with one of our team members today and see how our services can help you take your career in a new direction.

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