3 Types of Candidates You Should’ve Hired, But Did Not

When hiring managers are assessing candidates, the most common approach involves focusing on those with the right combination of skills and experience. While this can be effective, it does mean you may incidentally eliminate some great job seekers who have the potential to become outstanding employees.

By focusing solely on skills and experience, candidates are often removed from contention even if they just barely miss the mark. But, by looking beyond these areas, you may discover a top talent is actually in your midst.

With that in mind, here are three types of candidates you should consider hiring, even if they don’t fully measure up on paper.

  1. The Passionate Candidate

Even if they don’t have all the skills or experiences you were hoping to find, a passionate candidate should be treated like a treasured opportunity. Being excited about the job, company or industry means they are more inclined to push themselves, are likely open to acquiring new skills, and will typically have a great attitude.

In comparison, a job seeker without passion, even with the right skills and experiences, might not strive to excel. Similarly, they may not be enthusiastic about learning new skills, preferring to stick with what they know or even just go through the motions.

Passion isn’t always easy to find, and candidates with it will work diligently to meet or exceed your expectations. Ultimately, they genuinely care about what they do, and that can propel them to success.

  1. The Candidate With Potential

While exploring a candidate’s background is important, it’s crucial you remember that past success doesn’t guarantee they will perform the same in the future. If a job seeker has a couple of noteworthy accomplishments behind them, that doesn’t mean they’ll reach those heights again.

However, a candidate that has potential, even if they are somewhat unproven, may be more successful in the long run. Additionally, they aren’t as likely to have bad habits that need correcting, and you may even be able to mold them into an ideal employee.

Untapped talent should never be discarded merely because they have less experience. If you give them a chance, they will often surprise you.

  1. The “Overqualified” Candidate

When a job seeker seems overqualified, many hiring managers assume this is a red flag. Largely, this stems from the fear the candidate will leave as soon as a better position comes along, a concern that may not be warranted.

While it is possible they would move on quickly, some overqualified candidates are actually looking specifically for a job that meets a particular need. For example, maybe they’ll get to use their favorite skills in your position, or it allows them to achieve better work-life balance.

It’s important to remember that not every candidate is trying to climb the ladder. Instead, they may simply want a role that makes them happy, even if their experience would allow them to seek out other opportunities. If this is the case, the job seeker will usually be enthusiastic about the position, so gauge their attitude instead of just looking at their experience.

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