What Are the Biggest Issues Facing IT Today?

As technology becomes ever more present in the workplace, IT has become increasingly complex to manage. Emerging technologies, security concerns and talent gaps create challenges for businesses in nearly every sector. Plus, the sheer volume of data, ranging from structured to unstructured, has made the world of analytics more cumbersome, particularly when the goal is to create valuable insights that can propel the business forward.

With all of the challenges involved with tech, where should managers focus their energy? To help you determine your priorities, here are some of the biggest issues IT is facing today.

IoT Security

To put it simply, many smaller network-connected devices aren’t as secure as they should be. There can be questions regarding how to be responsible for managing the devices as well as a limited number of options for securing them effectively.

Managers need to work to stay on top of emerging threats and consider implementing behavioral monitoring systems to help identify potential vulnerabilities involving credentials. Additionally, being selective about the types of devices that can connect, as well as what they should or should not be able to do, is a must.


Tech is ever-evolving, but many IT professionals feel they are not given enough training opportunities to help them keep up, making them less effective on the job.

Many companies operate under the assumption that education in these areas is the responsibility of the worker. However, as systems become increasingly complex, skill sets end up more specialized, and skill gaps plague teams, getting involved is essential.

Without sufficient retraining, overall productivity will suffer. While it requires time and a financial investment, it is worth the effort to ensure everyone is up to speed.

Data Overload

The sheer amount of data a company is responsible for is typically growing at unprecedented rates. Not only does this range cause concerns about simple storage, it also creates issues regarding security.

Unsecured data can make a business vulnerable, particularly if it is sensitive in nature. Organizations need to focus on cybersecurity, especially when dealing with cloud or networked assets, and choose tools that can make monitoring and intervention easier to manage.

Skills Gaps

Low unemployment coupled with a general shortage of strong IT talent, means companies of all kinds are battling against skills gaps. To make matters worse, the situation isn’t likely to remedy itself any time soon.

Having a plan to manage skills gaps is crucial. Whether it involves training current employees in key areas or securing skilled workers on a short-term basis for projects, having a mechanism to ensure your business has access to the right skills could make the difference between being successful and ultimately struggling.

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