How to Successfully Transition From Accounting to Finance

Many professionals start out in accounting only to discover it isn’t a great fit. As a result, the idea of transitioning to a career in finance may be enticing, allowing them to transfer their existing skills into a different but allied industry.

While changing fields always comes with some challenges, it is possible to successfully transition from accounting to finance. If this is something you want to do, here are some tips to help you on your journey.

Make Sure Transitioning is the Right Move

In some cases, accounting professionals become frustrated in their role and think that shifting to another field is the only solution. However, there is a chance your current job is the problem, not accounting itself.

Before you begin seeking out a path to finance, consider whether a different accounting position might alleviate your woes. For example, if your main complaint about your current role is a poor culture, incompatibility with your manager, long hours based on your team being shorthanded or something similar, another accounting employer may be a viable solution.

Each company has something different to offer, so it is wise to explore whether a new role might accomplish your goal of finding an opportunity that is a better fit. However, if your issue is with the field of accounting itself, then transitioning might be the right choice.

Analyzing the Viability of Transitioning

Even though accounting and finance are often considered allied fields, that doesn’t mean a transition is automatically viable. For example, if you have been in accounting for a significant number of years, moving to finance may require you to take a pay cut. If you can’t afford to have a lower salary, making the shift might not be financially realistic.

Also, while many of your skills are highly transferrable, you may need to complete additional training to move into a finance job. Explore the requirements of your ideal finance role and see if you can bring all the must-haves to the table today. If not, then you might need to complete additional steps to improve the viability of making a change.

Work With a Recruitment Firm

When you work with a staffing agency, you gain access to a valuable asset. Skilled recruiters can function as your ally, helping you position yourself properly to make a transition.

Remember, they can help you identify transferrable skills and revamp your resume to align better with the expectations of finance hiring managers. They can also assist you with identifying relevant accomplishments or discovering skill gaps you may need to address before you can become a strong finance candidate.

Plus, recruitment firms partner with many top employers in their areas. They may be aware of opportunities that aren’t advertised elsewhere or have the ability to leverage their existing relationships to increase the odds that the company will consider you, even if you haven’t worked in finance before.

If you are interested in transitioning from accounting to finance, the skilled staff members at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our finance recruiters today and see how our career transition expertise can benefit you.

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