The Importance of Following Up With Candidates

In a tight labor market, the candidate experience is incredibly important. If you fail to meet job seekers’ expectations, attracting the best and brightest professionals is inherently more challenging.

Following up with candidates is critical if you want to enhance your candidate experience for a variety of reasons. If you want to know why, here are some insights into the value of feedback, from the candidate’s perspective.

Eliminating the Application Void

Many companies fail to provide candidates with suitable confirmation that the resume they submitted has been received. This leaves job seekers feeling like they tossed their application into a black hole, uncertain that it has arrived at its destination and is going to be reviewed.

By confirming the resume has been received, you eliminate the sense of ambiguity that can come with an application submission. This reassures candidates they submitted their materials successfully, giving them peace of mind.

Providing Next Steps

When a job seeker sends a resume, they often wonder what they should expect. Not all companies have the same application review or candidate selection schedules, leaving job seekers in the dark as to when they should expect additional contact or when follow-up on their end is appropriate.

If you want to improve the candidate experience, follow up on each resume by informing them of any upcoming next steps and estimated timelines. It is an opportunity for you to set their expectations appropriately and keep them engaged as the hiring process moves forward.

Feedback Regarding Company Decisions

One mistake many companies make is not letting candidates know when a decision is made. This leaves them in the dark as to the state of the hiring process, whether a position is open or if another applicant was selected.

By informing all job seekers when a hiring decision is made, they don’t feel left in the lurch. If you go the extra mile and provide feedback regarding why they were eliminated from contention, you can make an even stronger positive impression, giving them insight into areas they can improve in and how they can become an ideal candidate in the future. Essentially, you have a chance to coach professionals who may one day have the ability to become a great employee with your company, and that is an opportunity you shouldn’t waste if you want them to have positive associations with your business.

Enhancing Your Employer Brand

Let’s face facts; job seekers talk about their experiences with companies. If you want to have a positive impact on the message they release into the world and enhance your employer brand, following up with every candidate who submits an application is a way to do it.

Job seekers appreciate strong, open communication from prospective employers. By providing feedback, you have a chance to make a great impression, one they may talk about with others or on social media. This makes you a more attractive employer over the long term, making it easier to attract top talent when you have new vacancies.

Ultimately, following up with candidates is always a smart move, and it generally only takes a little bit of your time to do well. If you would like to know more, the experienced staff at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled recruitment specialists today and see how our candidate experience expertise can benefit you.


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