4 Ways to Advance Your Accounting Career in 2019

Today, accounting professionals are in demand. Nearly every organization needs someone skilled in accounting to assist with their operations, whether it’s an internal staff member or an accounting professional working for a service provider.

While any accounting professional can move up the ladder simply by gaining experience in the field, if you genuinely want to advance, you may need to take extra steps. Here are some tips that can help you improve your accounting career in 2019.

Become a CPA

Many employers favor candidates who have the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential. While becoming a CPA can be challenging, it can help you further your career, allowing you to move up and secure better pay and benefits. Those who earn the CPA credential are viewed as being dedicated to the field, something that employers appreciate. Plus, it showcases your knowledge level, giving hiring managers insight into your capabilities.

Embrace Networking

While networking isn’t often a professional’s favorite thing to do, it is important if you want to advance your career. When you network, you gain valuable connections that can help you further your career goals.

At times, you may be able to find a mentor who can guide you as you work to advance in accounting. In others, you may discover unadvertised job opportunities or have an easier time finding someone who will refer you for a coveted role, increasing the odds you’ll land an interview or get selected.

Keep Pace With Technology

Technology in the accounting field is changing rapidly. By keeping your skills sharp and learning about emerging technologies, you can make sure your skill set covers the latest developments. Becoming familiar with more accounting systems, striving to master Excel, and even gaining knowledge in trending areas like artificial intelligence (AI) can all be beneficial.

While you may need to study these areas on your own time, it is worth the effort. However, if the opportunity to enhance your skills arises on the job, make sure to embrace it as quickly as possible.

Expand Your Knowledge Base

The world of accounting is vast. However, many professionals end up specializing in specific financial areas, either intentionally or incidentally. If you limit yourself to particular kinds of financial tasks, you could be hurting your career prospects.

When the chance arises, work to expand your knowledge base beyond your accounting niche. Look for cross-departmental opportunities, accept projects that align with your skills but let you use them in a new way, or request additional duties that fall outside of your usual day-to-day.

By expanding your knowledge base, you become more valuable as an employee and a job candidate. As a result, you could find it easier to advance your career in 2019 and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about moving forward in the field of accounting, the staff at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable recruiters today and see how our career development expertise can benefit you.

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