How Are Technologists Adjusting During COVID-19?

When the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the first stay-at-home orders, companies had to act quickly. In many cases, they arranged for employees to work remotely, though they had very little time to adjust.

As with most emergency paradigm shifts, many technologists initially had some difficulty adapting. While being tech-savvy helped, suddenly having to telecommute led to some challenges. However, now that many technologists have been working remotely for weeks, if not months, the initial growing pains are long past. With that in mind, here’s a look at how technologists have adjusted to the changes.

Working from Home Feels Right

Most technologists already enjoyed the idea of working from home. Even in light of it being a requirement, that sentiment hasn’t changed. Most are fairly comfortable with their home office setups, making the transition less daunting.

Plus, the ability to work remotely has long been a coveted benefit in the tech space. In some cases, technologists were already working from home, at least on occasion. As a result, doing so full-time wasn’t as drastic a change, and also increased the speed at which they adjusted.

Workloads Remain Largely Steady

The coronavirus pandemic had a relatively small impact on technologists’ workloads. By and large, any increase has been relatively small, although not every professional has faced a growing workload. In some cases, there have been declines.

Why workloads may have shifted for some depends on a few factors. Some companies may have had to reduce their staffing numbers, requiring others to take over duties that were no longer being handled by a colleague. On the other side of the spectrum, working remotely is often more efficient, allowing for greater productivity. When that occurs, workloads may feel more manageable, even if they don’t change.

Feelings of Job Security Rise

Initially, job security fears rose quickly. The pandemic created a lot of uncertainty, causing nearly all professionals to wonder if they would be laid off or furloughed.

As time passed, many technologists began to feel increasingly confident. Many companies rely heavily on their tech professionals, particularly as more businesses began shifting to company websites and apps.

Hitting the Job Market

Even during these unprecedented times, many technologists aren’t shying away from becoming job seekers. In some cases, they are trying to stay ahead of a potential layoff, essentially transitioning to a new employer before their company furloughs or cuts their position.

However, that isn’t universally the case. Many technologists know that companies are still hiring. As a result, they are keeping their eyes open for opportunities at leading employers, particularly since businesses may offer a premium to secure the talent they need during the pandemic.

Ultimately, most technologists are weathering the storm. If you are wondering what you can do to keep your career on track during COVID-19, the staff at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today to speak with one of our career management specialists and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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