Learn What Technologists Love About Working Remote

Many technologists spent most of their careers working in an office environment. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home the only option, many were forced to start telecommuting unexpectedly.

While the paradigm shift did create some challenges, many technologists discovered that they prefer the remote work approach. If you are wondering why many love working remotely, here’s what you need to know.

Working from Home Is Easier

Technologists aren’t intimidated by technology. As a result, working from home wasn’t necessarily hard to get the hang of, allowing them to reach full productivity faster than their less tech-savvy counterparts. This allowed telecommuting to quickly become easier than the old approach of heading to the office.

When you work remotely, your daily commute can go from an hour a day on the road to a 30-second stroll from your living room to your home office. Plus, they can control their environment and aren’t subject to the distractions that come with a bustling workplace. This can make staying focused a breeze and promote better work-life balance, both of which technologists appreciate.

A More Relaxed Approach

Working from home rarely requires the same level of formality. Unless you’re on a video conference call that requires adhering to a dress code, many professionals can wear whatever makes them comfortable.

Plus, they may be able to listen to music without using headphones or add quirky aspects to their environment that makes them happy. They also don’t have to worry about any smells their lunch may produce, as there’s no one in a shared breakroom or work area to annoy.

Ultimately, working from home is usually more relaxed. For some technologists, that makes it ideal.

Major Productivity Boosts

When you work remotely, productivity typically increases. As mentioned above, many common distractions aren’t present at home, such as last-minute meetings or colleagues stopping by for a chat. There isn’t even any ambient office noise to pull your attention away from the task-at-hand.

Plus, in a home office, you can tailor your environment based on your precise needs. You can adjust the temperature, use all the available space, rearrange your work area, or do anything else to increase your comfort level and efficiency.

Finally, when you work remotely, you may have more flexibility about when you complete your tasks. Some employers aren’t as concerned about when you’re handling what as long as you can complete your assignments and are responsive during core hours. As a result, you can focus on heads-down, detail-oriented activities when your concentration is high.

Ultimately, many technologists have discovered that working remotely suits them and may prefer to stay with this approach over the long term. If you’d like to learn more about work from home options in the tech field, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to learn more about our open positions today and see how our services can benefit you.


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