The Squires Group, Inc. launches a new website along with the new brand identity, BUILD GREAT

ANNAPOLIS, MD, January 24, 2018 – The Squires Group, Inc. (TSGi) announced that they have launched a new website with their new Build Great brand identity. Mr. Eric Galasso, President of TSGi, along with Apurva Shah, Director Marketing and Operations, led the effort to redesign the website and partnered with Haley Marketing from Buffalo, New… Read more »

Got Blog?

We continue to deliver insightful talent solutions advice for our clients on a monthly basis. Click below for the TOP 4 recent Blogs in 2017: When to Hire Contractors vs. Full-Time Employees What Does It Take to be a Successful Project Manager? What’s Driving the Exodus of Top Technical Talent in the Federal Space? Changing… Read more »

Happy New Year from Nancy's desk!

This year was a challenge for all of us at TSGi. I know many of you felt it, too. Budget reductions in several key Federal accounts were directly affected with the changes in Administration. However, never to be deterred and always determined, TSGi wisely stayed focused on the future. As a result, TSGi has many… Read more »

New Website for The Squires Group!

Update on the launch of our new website! In our previous Gazette, we announced that The Squires Group corporate website is undergoing a redesign. Our site is now in the final stages of QA testing after several months of design work with our New York marketing agency and our internal review team. In addition to… Read more »

Got Blog?

We continue to deliver insightful talent solutions advice for our consultants on a monthly basis. Click below for the TOP 4 recent Blogs in 2017: 3 Ways to Stay Relevant in the IT Industry Looking for a Job? Take Advantage of LinkedIn! Thinking About a New Accounting Position? Why the 4th Quarter is the Time… Read more »

Recipe Corner – Olive Tree Cheese Spread

This is a festive holiday recipe.  Perfect to take to parties! Ingredients * 4 cups cream cheese * 1/4 cup bell pepper * 1/2 cup sun-dried tomato * 1 cup salami * 2 Morita peppers (I couldn’t find so added a teaspoon red pepper flakes) * 1 tablespoon rosemary * 1 tablespoon oregano * 1… Read more »

Consultant of the Quarter (Q3 2017)

It is our pleasure to announce that Jeffrey “Jeff” Murray has been named “Consultant of the Quarter” for his outstanding work supporting one of our utility client’s projects as a Business Analyst. The Project Manager complimented his work on the project by saying, “Jeff accomplished a major undertaking to automate the task of bringing in the… Read more »

Why Business Process Management Software Implementations are HOT!

When you need to take your business up a notch, implementing a business process management (BPM) software solution can be an ideal option. These systems help companies organize their workflows more effectively, promoting activities like rapid development for projects and the automation of specific processes. Most BPMs share common goals, such as freeing employees from… Read more »

The Top Technology Trends for 2018

The most successful IT professionals understand that staying on top of technology trends is crucial. This allows you to remain relevant in the field and anticipate the needs of your employers going forward. But separating the meaningful trends from passing fads isn’t always easy, so you may be wondering which developments actually deserve your attention.… Read more »

Changing Revenue Recognition – How Will It Affect Your Company?

If your company manages their financial statements using the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS), you will likely be affected by the upcoming revenue recognition standards. These standards dictate how funds received for customer contracts that involve the transfer of goods or providing of services must be recorded, and most… Read more »