What Athletic-Career Advice Can We All Learn From?

In the end, a career in sports is still a career. When you’re hired to a team, you’re working in a job. Since that’s the case, many of the lessons athletes learn along the way can provide value to professionals in other fields.

If you’re wondering what athletic-career advice can apply to you, here are some examples.

Success Is in Your Hands

For an athlete to succeed, dedication, perseverance, and challenges are all part of the equation. They typically have to push themselves if they want to stay on track or reach new heights, even if they’re part of a team.

The same can be true in any career. If you want to succeed, taking ownership of your growth and development is essential. Remaining agile, focused, and committed, is a must, ensuring you can adapt to changing conditions, seize opportunities, and position yourself for greater success.

In the end, setting your own high bar is a powerful motivator. By incrementally improving on your own terms, you ensure your career can keep moving forward. Plus, it prevents reliance on outside forces. Since you never know if a company will ultimately support your growth, taking the athletic approach is critical, allowing you to remain in control.

Change Can Be Good

Many athletes don’t spend their entire careers on one team. Additionally, when they decide to leave the sport, they often pursue something new, both for income and for fulfillment.

In either case, the change that comes during their career may be hard to navigate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t beneficial. The same can apply to any kind of professional. Heading to a new company means opportunities to learn and grow. Plus, you may find a culture that better meets your needs or secure a higher salary due to your rising skill level.

If the job is no longer a fit, moving on to a new career can singnal a fresh start. You can pursue your passions regardless of your age or experience level in your last field, allowing you to cultivate something new and meaningful.

Branding Is Vital

In the world of athletics, professionals typically either cultivate their own brands or live with the one crafted by public perception. While the viewing public may look favorably on an athlete, it means forgoing control, which is never ideal.

If you want to thrive professionally, you need to take ownership of your brand. Establish your voice online, ensuring it’s representative of who you are, what you bring to the table, and your overall expertise. Determine your own positioning, ensuring your digital presence fully aligns with your primary message.

By taking control of your brand, you create opportunities. You’ll have an easier time connecting with employers that have similar perspectives and genuinely value what you have to offer. Plus, you’ll be able to forge relationships with other professionals, giving you access to mentorship, support, new ideas, and more.


Ultimately, athletes can teach professionals a lot about career management. If you’d like to find out more, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today.


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