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The “Human Factor” of Cyber Security – Part 1

In the knock down drag out battle between cyber security experts and the hackers tying to get around them, there remains one persistent weakness – the end user. Despite rapidly improving technologies, large scale automation capabilities, and an ever greater investment in cyber security, simple human error continues to be one of the most common… Read more »

Accounting Departments Expected to Grow in 2015

A recent survey from the company TaxTalent indicates that accounting departments will grow rapidly in 2015, particularly as they search for talent with tax expertise. The survey polled 365 respondents, and of those a full 69% said that they would be looking for more tax professionals. Perhaps even more significantly, this represents a 28% increase… Read more »

Is it Time for Your Company to Embrace Open Source?

Open source software has proved incredibly popular in the personal computing space with programs like Mozilla’s Firefox and Apache’s OpenOffice offering realistic competition to their proprietary counterparts. But in corporate settings it is much harder to find open source adoption. The reasons for that are complicated, but in almost all cases they boil down to… Read more »

Google Sends Phone Numbers to the Cloud

For as much as telephones and calling have advanced over the last 20 years, the technology still remains frustratingly limited. Businesses have to contend with labyrinth-like phone systems just to handle basic calling and routing. Individuals still face dropped calls, poor reception, and restrictive phone plans. Despite the ubiquity of phones and the continued popularity… Read more »

Moving Towards a Software Driven Infrastructure

Ask any CIO what their most looming problem is and a number of them will tell you aging legacy infrastructures. The expansion of new data center environments is only placing an additional stress on these infrastructures, and at the same time many emerging markets are building up from a brand new foundation. For those reasons,… Read more »

Accounting Fraud Remains a Persistent Problem

For several years now, instances of accounting fraud have been low and relatively stable. In 2013, for instance, only 47 were reported, and in 2012 there were just 45. Many pointed to these numbers as evidence that new policing measures combined with tracking technologies had created an effective deterrent to the practice. However, a recent… Read more »

Don’t Let One Negative Employee Ruin Total Team Productivity

They say it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch, and that is especially true in the office. It’s an unfortunate fact that a single negative employee can stifle productivity, efficiency, morale, and innovation for everyone around them. Luckily, with careful and proactive management, you can keep these effects from spreading any… Read more »

Be Careful What You Tweet | Monitoring Your Social Footprint

As many people have learned the hard way, once something reaches the internet it can’t easily be removed or hidden. That has lead to more than a little embarrassment, especially in the context of professional life. If you are looking for a job, it’s essential that you scour your social footprint to see what your… Read more »

4 Must Have Documents in Your New Hire Packet

Does your new hire packet include these four documents? If not, it should. Welcome Letter Including a welcome letter might seem like nothing more than a useless formality, but it’s actually the document that joins your entire new hire packet together. The letter should include a warm introduction, express enthusiasm that the new hire is… Read more »