Assembling a Team of Network Security Monitoring and Anomaly Detection Experts to Support Multiple Government Contracts

The Client

System Integration Firm

When a prime contractor was building a new Security Operations Center to support multiple government contracts, they required IA professionals to cover 24/7 operations.

The Technology

  • Network Security
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Systems Administration
  • IPS/ IDS rules
  • Firewall Vulnerability Assessment
  • Packet Capture

The Challenge

The core responsibilities were to conduct network security monitoring and anomaly detection. In addition, they performed systems administration tasks to ensure all products were current. The required skills encompassed proven knowledge and expertise of:

  • IPS/IDS rules and implementation
  • Industry best practices used to deter attacks
  • Security technologies, including both commercial and open source IDS, firewall, vulnerability assessment, packet capture, and incident management tools

The Solution

This firm approached Mr. Matt Kilkeary (currently a Senior Resource Manager at The Squires Group) to fill these positions. Working with the prime contractor, Matt identified the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform these tasks. Using his professional network and industry standard search techniques, to include social media, he quickly identified a slate of candidate with the required qualifications. After an intense vetting process, which included phone screens, phone and in-person interviews, and background investigations, a slate of five or more candidates per shift were selected and cleared to support both security and network operations.

The Success

The contract was fully staffed within 3 weeks. The awarded period of performance was for three years. Based on the team’s performance, it was renewed for an additional 2 years.

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