Salesforce Testing Support on a DHS Agile Development Project

Our systems integration partner had been awarded a contract by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to provide a range of IT services. The five-year contract focuses on assisting the client with a portion of its recruitment and hiring operations, which entails hiring employees for critical field positions. This created an immediate need on our partner’s integration team for a strong integration tester. The goal? To ensure data validation as the data traversed across the various systems. Find out how our Salesforce testing consultant played a key role in the timely rollout of Phase I of the project, and received excellent reviews from our client.

Delivering Salesforce Talent to Develop a Mortgage Tracking and Oversight Application

One of our integration partners won the contract to help the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) modernize their loan oversight system and replace legacy systems with a cloud-based system. Our partner needed help finding an experienced Salesforce Lightening Developer and they called upon us. After our team searched for talent in the DC metro area, we expanded beyond this area and identified an expert developer with solid Salesforce development skills. Our consultant was hired and played a key role in Phase I of the project, and we received excellent reviews from our client. Find out how our consultant helped on this critical VA project.

Delivering Talent for a DoD AWS Rollout

Our partner’s project goal was to develop a SIPRNET installation of a cloud-based financial system that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to partition financial transactions by a user’s need to know. Given the stringent SIPRNET requirements (based on the sensitivity of the data), it was critical to bring in an experienced AWS team with in-depth knowledge of security administration. The project would also need a group of network security specialists who had a strong background in the DoD space. Our senior recruiting team accepted the challenge and divided our search into two projects – locating AWS Cloud Security specialists and experienced DoD Network Security specialists.

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Upgrading SharePoint Applications Using Agile Methodology

This agency aimed to transform its core IT infrastructure through Agile and DevOps software development methods. They had undertaken the initiative to modernize and maintain 70 enterprise applications using the Agile methodology.

See how we leveraged our Active Pipelining approach to ensure that we had an adequate number of clearable candidates to ‘get ahead and stay ahead’ of the project’s ambitious staffing plans.

WebSphere and MDM Experts to build an e-commerce Solution

Our Federal client selected the WebSphere Suite as an e-commerce solution to improve the user experience by enhancing system performance, improving flexibility, and providing scalability.  This provided a platform that had more of a commercial look and feel. 

Find out how our team of WebSphere Commerce and InfoSphere MDM experts is playing a key role in rolling out the functionality of the e-commerce platform.

Supported SharePoint Development Project to Share Critical Information

Our client’s program is part of an overall effort to share critical business and mission-related information with key audiences including: federal, state, and local law enforcement, foreign partners, intelligence, defense, homeland security and the private sector.

The project was in dire need of a Senior SharePoint Developer that could hit the ground running and lead this development effort to support this critical project.

Supporting the Roll Out of an Oracle EBS R12 Shared Services Model

A Federal Civilian Agency’s business center was set up as a Federal Shared Services Provider. In September 2014, this Federal Agency was awarded a contract to on-board multiple Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies into their shared Oracle Applications Solution. The first three agencies are scheduled to be on-boarded in a staggered release, over the course of three years.

The main challenge of this project is to meet the client requirements with existing features of the standard Application to the largest extent possible, and avoid the path of “customizations” wherever practical. Avoiding a large scope of customization pays off over time as patches can be applied more readily, vendor support can be leveraged more effectively and upgrades will then be more technical in nature and therefore run more smoothly.

To overcome the challenge, the Prime Integrator for this project turned to The Squires Group, Inc. (TSGi) to deliver a local team of Oracle experts with the knowledge and skills that would be capable of leading all tasks in multiple functional areas.

Supporting our Systems Integration partner assist an Intelligence Agency with their FISCAM Audit Assessment

Our client, a global systems integration firm, was supporting an Intelligence Agency’s System/ Applications Audit and Compliance Team to prepare for a Federal Information Systems Control Audit Manual (FISCAM) assessment and obtain an unqualified audit opinion.  The team’s mission was to ensure effective controls over the Agency’s technical infrastructure and business applications for the production of timely, reliable, and accurate data that can be independently validated and sustained.  TSGi identified an IT Assurance professional with the right education and professional experience mix to support the Intelligence Agency in this effort.

Rapidly Delivering a Team of Six Information Assurance Analysts to Support a DOD Contractor

A Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractor was awarded a government contract requiring a team to certify and accredit their IT systems. The prime needed to form a team of six analysts in less than two weeks to complete a one-year contract. Matt Kilkeary identified a senior IA resource for this project that in turn assisted with vetting other team members that were brought onto the project.

IT Implementation Streamlines Disaster Recovery Process

Under a very tight deadline, we were able to create a web-enabled system with the ability to manage situations during a natural disaster crisis. Our consultants directly supported the creation of the Enterprise Data Warehouse which drives data from the database to the Data Warehouse.