Data Center Migration

The Client

Federal Agency

As one of our Federal client’s began to expand from their Washington, D.C. headquarters migrating their applications to a data center in the Midwest has become a top priority. Applications in development that meet release requirements (such as signed Business SLA/MOU and security reviews) will be housed at the new data center serving as a secure hosted environment.

The Technology

  • Java
  • .NET

The Challenge

The client needed experienced Developer on the team to work closely with business owners and provide technical support for migration and continuity support after that.

The Solution

The Squires Group, Inc. supported this project by providing team of developers and analysts to work closely with business owners in providing technical support during the migration and continuity support for applications that have/ are being transferred to the new data center.

When collecting the application information from the owner, the Application Developer categorized the applications and determined not only if the migration was feasible but, assigned migration priority based on the application scale, and an estimated migration cost and completed migration plan. To determine the migration priority, the Developer analyzed ongoing maintenance, security requirements and opportunities to merge. Once all applications had been prioritized, migration execution plans (application release notes) were built and a migration request to potentially responsible parties (PRP) was submitted.

As the project continues with migration process started, TSGi’s Engineer Analyst creates development/testing environments that allow for the deployment of applications for functional, security, integration, and performance testing.

The Success

Our partner will achieve the following benefits: better security control over data and application access; improved technology support; better application performance; increased control and administration for the business applications; and consolidative applications and updated application inventory.

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