Delivering Accounting Talent Inspired by the Mission of a Not-for-Profit Organization

The Client

Not-for-Profit Organization

A regional not-for-profit organization providing various healthcare, disaster relief, and legal aid services to the needy.

The Support


  • Not-for-profit expertise
  • Working within Compensation parameters

The Challenge

Finding financial professionals excited to work for the mission of a not-for-profit client for a compensation package which is slightly below the commercial market for their talents and skill level.

The Solution

Jane Myers (currently Director of Resource Management at The Squires Group) spent time understanding the culture, goals, and overall compensation offerings of the Not-for-Profit and translated those features into what would appeal to experienced accounting professionals Flexible work options, comprehensive and varied benefits packages, the opportunity to see first- hand how your contribution made a difference in the life of others were enticing to candidates open to exploring options outside of the for-profit sector.

The Success

Talented accounting candidates who were seeking a change of industry or work/life balance were successfully placed with the organization. The skills from the new hires’ previous unrelated experience brought new perspective and operating suggestions to the not-for-profit. As importantly, the candidates placed there reaped the benefits of a new position while gaining a balance of new professional challenges and a new level of personal satisfaction.

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