Delivering Ariba Talent to Support a Global Procurement System Roll Out

The Client

Federal Civilian

This project was the culmination of a Federal Civilian Agency’s effort to institute an enterprise‐wide supply chain management system. The project consisted of five main modules: Requisitioning, Procurement, Asset Management, Warehouse Operations, and Transportation. All modules featured extensive integration with the agency’s financial management systems and incorporated embedded status tracking information.

The Technology

Ariba – version 9.r.1

  • Requisitioning
  • Contracts Workbench
  • eForm
  • Procurement
  • Ariba Network

The Challenge

Our prime integrator partner invited TSGi to assist them in delivering the right talent to support and help upgrade the functionality of the Ariba Requisitioning and Procurement COTS product.

The system currently supports more than 33,000 users across 264 posts and 176 countries. It also accounts for more than $10 billion in annual procurement spent across more than 450,000 transactions. To keep the system running smoothly, fix critical production issues, and develop key enhancements it was critical to identify the right talent.

The Solution

TSGi resource team successfully identified a diverse group of skilled Ariba talent to complement the existing team. Given the limited pool of regional Ariba talent, we used our sourcing tools and expanded our search to find the concentration of Ariba talent. As a result, we identified proven resources with the right skill mix that could support the project remotely. Some of the areas supported by our team include:
Ariba Administration: Assisting in the design of applications user interfaces, classes and components; performing code migrations across environments, installing new environments or rebuilding environment components; addressing errors within the technical infrastructure; analyze and tune the production environment to ensure optimum performance. Also assisted in the upgrade from version 8.22 to 9r1.

Database Administration: Assisting in administering of production, development, and test databases; tuning maintenance and installation of Ariba Buyer, Ariba Contracts Workbench, Momentum Acquisitions and other key database.

Application Testers: Provided support in the areas of creating of test models, communicating with Tier 2 and other project team members to resolve technical issues; defining release test plans and criteria for user acceptance; coordinate, execute and support user acceptance testing by client and IV&V testers; and participate in the coordination and execution of release testing.

The Success

Our team’s contribution played an important role in the continued success of the project. Since its inception, the project has delivered over $319 million in cost savings by eliminating over 25 antiquated legacy IT systems. In 2012, this project received two awards and received a perfect value score from OMB in 2013 as part of the agency’s eGov performance scoring system.

With all the support and enhancements, the system is easy to use, has a streamlined interface, user‐ friendly front end that helps with user productivity, and provides global access as it is a browser based application. The team also helped with the stability of the application, which is critical given the volume of transactions processed by the system.

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