Delivering a Communications Director to a Multi-Trade Association

The Client

Multi-Trade Association

Our client is a multi-trade union that is affiliated with national trades and represents over 340,000 technicians across North America. As a service to their members, they provide premier training programs which include: five-year apprenticeship programs, extensive journeyman training, a comprehensive instructor training program, and numerous certification programs.

Supported In

  • Internal and External Communications
  • Press Release
  • Social Media
  • Communications Strategy

The Challenge

With the ever-changing and dynamic political environment, the CEO, President, and other key executives saw the need to create a new position for a Communications Director. This critical position required a dynamic individual who could implement and expand the organization’s communication strategies, both internally and externally. Working alongside the President, they would develop both short and long-term communication strategies, which would include the expansion of their social media presence and communication outreach within the organization and the public. Additional high-profile responsibilities would include: creating press releases, writing speeches and newsletters, support the upcoming website redesign and establishing meetings and long-term relationships with politicians and news media outlets.

The Solution

Our Account Manager had multiple discussions with the President of the organization to focus on the top skills required for the ideal candidate. By utilizing our proprietary In the Perfect SpaceSM methodology, we are able to narrow down the most critical skills, abilities, and behavioral traits. These included extensive communication and public relations experience, as well as the ability to be creative/innovative, while displaying a strong sense of initiative in the application of their responsibilities.

With the ideal candidate profile defined, our team created a laser-focused search strategy. After an intensive ten-day search, we identified, qualified and presented two top-flight candidates for consideration. After multiple rounds of interviews, our candidate, who brought over 23 years of communication and public relations experience, was offered the job. During their career, our candidate was extensively involved in the implementation of both mass and social media communication strategies. Additionally, they were well-spoken, forthright and pleasantly assertive. What impressed our client the most about our candidate, was that they took the time to craft and present ideas on developing communication strategies and effective policies to bring organizational change to their Communications Department.

The Success

For this search, our team also facilitated the offer and negotiation process which resulted in our candidate accepting the new role of Communications Director. This high-touch approach was needed since our candidate had never worked in a union environment and needed to better understand the value our client’s Total Compensation package–which included a pension program. Based on our advice, this particular compensation package was renegotiated by our client’s Senior Executives, which ultimately worked for meeting the needs of both the candidate and the union. Both our client and candidate report that they have found a great career match. In fact, our client recently shared with us that they envision their newly hired Communications Director to grow into an Executive role that will help drive both organizational change and new membership well into the future.

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