Network and Linux Administrator for an eLearining Provider

The Client

Corporate Training Center

Our client, one of the premier providers of technical, engineering and professional skills training in the Mid-Atlantic area, had set out to expand the reach and versatility of their industry-leading training program. For years, the program offerings had mostly been conducted in a traditional classroom setting. To modernize, our client sought to implement a virtual eLearning environment where students and program participants would have 24/7 access to training materials, classes, and lectures. This undertaking would encompass eight separate programs offering dozens of certificate programs, industry certifications, and a multitude of classroom offerings.
As plans progressed for the eLearning project, the IT support group realized it was understaffed. After an unsuccessful internal search, our client could not risk the success of the virtualization and eLearning project any longer. They contacted us to help hire the right talent to augment their team. They needed an additional resource that possessed the experience and ability to complete tasks in the following functional areas:

  • Configure and support all hardware and software to support systems and networks.
  • Ensure all networking and system functions are fully configured and operational.
  • Troubleshoot network and system performance and security issues.
  • Maintain a network and system disaster recovery plan and execute it when necessary.
  • Provide technical support as needed/on call.
  • Work with the rest of the IT team on a variety of other IT tasks and projects.

The Technology

  • Linux (RedHat, Ubuntu)
  • Networking (Routers/Switches)
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Virtualization
  • Windows

The Challenge

Our client team wanted to add technical bandwidth to the team to support the day to day functions of the facility while simultaneously conceptualizing and deploying a virtual infrastructure to facilitate 24/7 access to labs and class materials. This process involved research of available technology options, cost/benefit analysis, presenting those options to the technical staff, making appropriate recommendations to management, and designing the final infrastructure layout.

The Solution

Using our In The Perfect Space recruiting methodology, our team was able to partner with the hiring managers to identify the “can do, will do, will fit” dimensions to identify the successful candidate. The resource we identified was interviewed by our client because he brought not only significant industry technical experience to the client’s team, but also had a wide range of certifications that helped him stand apart from other candidates. Our client, after multiple rounds of interviews, decided to bring in our candidate on a direct hire basis. Since his start, our candidate has proven to be an immediate organizational culture fit.

The Success

As a result of this direct hire, our client experienced significant cost savings in the first three months through completion of a major project involving the migration from a hosted Microsoft Exchange environment to Microsoft Office 365. Our candidate has become an integral part of a four-person IT support group. To quote the Director of Operations, “In the short time [the resource] has been here, he has become a force multiplier to the vision we have had for the direction of the IT organization.”

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