Supported SharePoint Development Project to Share Critical Information

Our client’s program is part of an overall effort to share critical business and mission-related information with key audiences including: federal, state, and local law enforcement, foreign partners, intelligence, defense, homeland security and the private sector.

The project was in dire need of a Senior SharePoint Developer that could hit the ground running and lead this development effort to support this critical project.

Java/J2EE Portal Development for an End-to-End Grants Management Solution

The objective of this project was to implement an automated end-to-end grants management solution to support a government agency and its consortium’s members. Our team supported multiple aspects of the project, including the following key initiatives during the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process: Requirements gathering over all three phases of the project; document and code development; Post-production and support for phases I, II and IV after they went live; data conversion and validation; and Oracle Financials and legacy system integration.

Finding Senior Security Engineer to support a Public University

This Public University was looking to outsource key activities while maintaining control and visibility of their security operations.  This University was looking for a unique solution provider who would be tightly integrated with their team and capable of providing an out-tasking approach.  Dave Nodonly identified the right talent and successfully staffed the senior security engineer position that helped the client safeguard itself from any major security compromises.

IT Implementation Streamlines Disaster Recovery Process

Under a very tight deadline, we were able to create a web-enabled system with the ability to manage situations during a natural disaster crisis. Our consultants directly supported the creation of the Enterprise Data Warehouse which drives data from the database to the Data Warehouse.

Open Source Application Development

The development of the assignment tables has historically been a labor-intensive staffing process without visibility between various departments. The principle objective of this initiative included automating, flattening, streamlining, and increasing the accuracy and visibility of the assignment, allocation and apportionment process. The client required a team to develop this application with knowledge of this initiative and experience implementing open source systems. The Squires Group was involved in the development of these capabilities for the client to automate and streamline the production of a data warehouse that compiled information from various client legacy systems, as well as beginning work to automate the allocation of staff.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) Data Initiative Project

The challenge was to create an authoritative data source for users within the department. Our client required a team to construct and populate the data source, through an Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) process, from a PeopleSoft Human Capital Management Implementation. The Squires Group has been supporting this initiative for the past six years. The Squires Group has designed, developed, and implemented the authoritative data source initiative for the client.

Data Center Migration

As one of our federal client’s began to expand from their Washington, D.C. headquarters migrating their applications to a data center in the Midwest has become a top priority. The Squires Group supported this project by providing a team of developers and analysts to work closely with business owners in providing technical support during the migration and continuity support for applications that have/are being transferred to the new data center.